Jinggong Science & Technology held the 2020 Summary and Recognition Conference
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/02/05

February 2nd, 2021, Jinggong Science & Technology held the 2020 Annual Summary and Recognition Conference. In response to the policy of prevention and epidemic situation control of the district government, according to the principle of personnel streamlining, the participants in this meeting are the leaders of company management, the representatives of company cadres, and the advanced winners of the company in 2020, they all gathered together to sum up the commendation and welcome the new year.

The meeting reviewed and summarized the achievements and highlights of company in 2020, and solemnly commended the advanced employees and industry leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the development of company in the past year. At the same time, the 2021 work tasks were deployed.


Mr. Wu Haixiang, the general manager of company, first made the work report of “opening a new journey, seeking new development and innovating again”. Mr. Wu said that in 2020, facing the challenge of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company's entire staff firm confidence together, accurate positioning, seize the first opportunity, in this fight against the epidemic and resumption of production battle has achieved good results. In 2021, the company will focus on improving economic efficiency, lean management as a means, market expansion as a starting point, implement management mechanism innovation, optimize human resources management, promote cost reduction and efficiency measures, and do a good job of product innovation breakthrough, and put forward the annual focus and main work measures of each industry sector in 2021, pointing out the direction for the new year.











Subsequently, the conference gave a grand recognition to 28" outstanding employees "," technological innovation model "and" market expansion model "from different positions of the company. The conference called on all staff to follow the example of advanced, keep pace with the times and make positive progress, and make greater contributions to the rapid, sustainable and healthy development of the company's economy in 2021! At the same time, the conference commended the industry leaders who had made positive contributions to the development of the company in 2020, awarded the "Special encouragement Award" to the chairman and general manager of New Materials Company, Wei Guojun; awarded the "Special Innovation Award" to the chairman and general manager of robotics company, Chen Jianhua; and awarded the " Special contribution Award " to the general manager of Steel Structure Machinery Branch, Xia Rongxiang, to encourage continued efforts in the new year and continue to play a leading role. Xia Rongxiang, General Manager of Steel Structure Machinery Branch, advanced representatives of Fu Chunfeng and Tan Yuli, spoke on behalf of the company's outstanding industries and advanced personnel, and made a look forward to and position on the work in 2021, so that we are full of expectation and confidence in the new year.


Finally, the chairman of the company, Mr. Jin Yue Shun, made an important speech. Mr. Jin first on behalf of the company's party committee, board of directors, and in the name of individuals, express of heartfelt thanks to the staff and team who have contributed actively to the development of the company in the past year! In his speech, Mr. Jin fully affirmed the achievements of the company's production and management in 2020. At the same time, he analyzed the macro and micro internal and external development environment faced by the company in 2021, interpreted the positive trend, emphasized risk prevention, and put forward the requirements and guidance for further improving the development quality of listed companies on corporate governance, development ideas and work measures of various industrial sectors. Finally, Mr. Jin called on all the Jinggong people to work hard to sail, take advantage of the wind and waves, to write a brilliant new chapter of fine science and technology and strive hard!


Mr. Jin Yueshun, Chairman of Jinggong, and Mr. Wu Haixiang, General Manager of Jinggong, wish all cadres and employees a happy and health Spring Festival with family and all the best!