With all our strength to dash forward, celebrate to resume work start
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/03/01

A diligent man makes spring come early, forge ahead at the right time! With the ringing of the new year bell, the annual ring of time drove into the year of the Ox! After a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday, employees of the company quickly returned to work, with more full enthusiasm, more solid style, wholeheartedly into the work, made a good start and a good step for the successful completion of all the work in the new year!

In order to do a good job of reworking and production, the company has formulated detailed reworking and production plan before the year, and actively respond to the call of the government, launched a series of warm-hearted actions to encourage non-local employees to stay in Shaoxing, for the rapid resumption of work and production after year laid a foundation.

At the same time, each subsidiary company attaches great importance to the post-holiday safety management work, always adhere to the “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management” policy, and resolutely overcome the loose and careless thought. Organize production personnel to carry out safety knowledge training before returning to work, emphasize safety matters for attention after returning to work, and focus on improving production staff’s self-protection consciousness. On the first day of return of work, we further implemented the work responsibilities of all departments for safe production, made comprehensive and detailed inspection of all safety facilities and equipment in the workshop, and timely corrected problems found to achieve “zero hidden danger and zero risk”.

Jinggong precision manufacturing: Actively respond to the call of stay in Shaoxing, quickly realize the resumption of work and production

As the manufacturing and production base of Jinggong Science & Technology, 65% of the staff are outside the city. From the middle of January, in response to the call of the epidemic prevention and control work in Keqiao district for the new year, combined with the heavy internal and external production tasks of Jinggong precision manufacturing in 2021, leaders at all levels of the company actively organize employees to stay in the company through mobilization meetings, interviews with employees at key positions, rewards and implementation of welfare policies, etc. During the Spring Festival, 53% of the staff worked overtime at the front line, and 60% of them were from outside the city, which was the highest overtime in the Spring Festival in all the years, laying a strong foundation for the rapid resumption of work and production after the Spring Festival.


In the Spring Festival overtime team, there have also emerged a number of hard-working model workers, for example, Comrade Sun Zeyu in the assembly workshop actively accepted the arrangement of the company, cooperated with the operation of the customer’s equipment. During the Spring Festival holiday, he was on duty at the project site for 8 days continuously, which escorted the production and set up a good image of fine work model worker.


Carbon fiber equipment branch: sound the Spring Festival to return to work “assembly”

In the year 2021, the work task of carbon fiber equipment branch is quite heavy. In order to ensure the successful completion of this year’s order task, the leadership of the company has arranged and deployed the work content of the resumption of work and production in advance.

In order to complete the carbonization line project of Jilin carbon valley as soon as possible, the technical service personnel of the branch company gave up their holiday on the third day of the first month and went to Jilin for on-site equipment debugging. The staff of the production department also returned to work in succession on the sixth day of the first mouth, and put into the rush work of Jilin Guoxing carbonization line project and Changzhou Hongfa oxidation furnace project.


Energy electromechanical equipment branch: win hearts, start well

The energy electrical workshop is responsible for the electrical installation of the whole company. In order to cooperate with the production tasks of all departments of the company, the work has been carried out as early as the third day of the first lunar month to ensure the normal operation of all production of the company.


After the resumption of work, the branch held a business meeting in a timely manner, to study the arrangement of the post-festival “win hearts, start well” work, all the staff to overcome the post-festival burnout mood, quickly put in place, for the work of the whole year open a good bureau, good step to build a solid foundation. At the same time, the meeting sorted out the problems existing in each department last year and pointed out the direction of improvement, encourage all staff to overcome difficulties, successfully complete the goals and tasks of the new year, and submit a satisfactory answer paper.


Building machinery branch: the first shot of the year of the Ox

Building machinery branch undertook orders in 2020 far more than the same period in history, assembly workshop has been working overtime at full capacity until 29th on twelfth month of the lunar year, the return of work after the festival is 3-5 days earlier than in previous years. Many employees return to the workshop on the fourth day of the first lunar month. After-sales service personnel also rush to customers’ sites all over the country to start a new year’s business trip.


Since the implementation of the component contract responsibility system in the production workshop last year, the assembly efficiency has been greatly improved and order delivery speed has been significantly accelerated. On February 24th, the first production line of the branch was delivered to the customer site.


Textile machinery branch: take the lead in achieving full staff on duty

As the market demand for special equipment for spinning machines continues to thrive, all kinds of orders continue to flow, holding the responsible attitude to customers, in order to meet the needs of customers, the technical service department of the textile machinery branch returned to work early on the third day of the first month and worked overtime to install and debug the equipment issued before the first year, so as to ensure the production needs of customers after the holiday.


After resuming work, the production department adjusted the delivery plan in time, and the workshop was in full swing. The branch company takes the lead in realizing the 100% attendance rate of all employees.


Jinggong new material: after the festival “win heart meeting”, raise whip to step new course

On the first day after the holiday, the first meeting of the new year to arrange the current important work was held in the meeting room of Jinggong new materials on time. Focusing on the key and difficult work of Jinggong new materials in 2021, the participants made detailed arrangements and deployment for the development, implementation and supervision of each key and difficult work from the aspects of task progress, schedule and project plan. The technical center also carried out “brainstorming” through forums, video conferences and other forms, carried out in-depth discussions, analyzed problems, combined with the design parameters and other requirements of each project, and worked out specific design schemes to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


Jinggong robot: save great strength, move on to new goal

Before the Spring Festival, Jinggong robot actively responded to the call of the government and advocated that employees spend the Spring Festival locally. With the policy support of the parent company, Jinggong robot retained employees from other places to create conditions for the construction to start in advance after the Spring Festival. After the festival, according to the order situation of the new year, the robot officially sounded the “assembly signal” on the fourth day of the first lunar month, and the front-line production staff returned to their posts one after another and quickly put into the work state of rushing into production and competing for the market. On the 8th day of the 1st lunar month, the robot fully resumed work and production, and more than 10 sets of epidemic prevention equipment have been shipped out since the beginning of the year.


At the same time, Jinggong robot epidemic prevention equipment was exported overseas. For the process of the project, the after-sales engineers Bao Jiang and Hu Bin spent the first Chinese new year in a foreign country, they won a warm response in the overseas market for the company with their excellent after-sales service.


Jingheng date: hard work, open a new chapter of the year of Ox

Jingheng data on February 18 officially entered the resumption of work and production and held a mobilization and deployment meeting, in order to achieve a “good start” after the festival to speed up production at full capacity, firing the starting gun.


Up to now, the company’s production capacity has been restored to 100%.In the production workshop, the sound of welding, cutting and machine roar, inside the assembly area, neatly lined cabinet frames are waiting to be assembled. At the delivery channel, forklifts are moving back and forth the packaged finished product cabinets, and several large vans are waiting at the door. All production staff are full of energy, condensed heart gather strength, to ensure the quality, quantity, ensure the successful completion of the task to contribute a personal strength.


Under the joint efforts of all departments, the company after the year of resumption of work and production is in full swing. The Lantern Festival has come, although the flavor of the new year is still strong, but the staff of all departments of the company has quickly changed roles from the atmosphere of the new year, with a good mental outlook and pragmatic style of work mode, to start the sprint attitude, start a new journey of the year of the Ox. We believe that under the correct guidance of the leadership of the company and the joint efforts of all the employees, we will be able to successfully complete the tasks and indicators of this year and achieve new breakthroughs!