Jinggong New Materials 8000t/a Fumed Silica Project Started with a Successful Test
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2022/09/19

Recently, the production unit of Shandong Dongyue 8000t/a fumed silica project, which was designed and constructed by Zhejiang Jinggong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., has successfully completed the start-up work, which marks that after two years of hard work, the project from the design, the installation and commissioning work was a complete success. At present, the production unit has been put into operation stably, laying a solid foundation for the next stage of project acceptance.


It is a key project of Shandong Dongyue Organosilicon Materials Co., Ltd. in recent years, with a total investment of more than 250 million RMB. After the project is completed, the output of A-150 grade fumed silica will reach 8000t/a, and at the same time, it can also produce A-200, A-300 and other higher grade fumed silica products according to market demand. This project includes two parts: chemical process package technical services and core equipment: providing technical services such as process design, technical support, installation and commissioning guidance, and supporting core equipment such as combustion furnace, deacidification furnace and aggregator.


Since undertaking the project, our company has determined the final process plan after several rounds of negotiation and technical exchanges with the client. Under the unified coordination of the company's leaders, we have formulated the project production schedule to ensure the smooth completion of each link of the project with quality and quantity; comply with the strict project design process, the documents going through four inspection and verification processes of design, verification, review and approval to ensure that each document is correct and reliable; actively organize production and designers to carry out technical discussions on project difficulties and doubts; actively answer questions, providing strong support for the smooth progress of the project. The company is united as one, servicing customers with satisfactory answers.

In recent years, the market demand for fumed silica has surged, leading to soaring prices, and major chemical plants have the intention to invest in fumed silica production units. Our company actively seizes market opportunities, deeply cultivates this field, aims at cutting-edge technologies, and continuously expands and strengthens leading industries. In this project, our company not only provided technical support for the process package, but also provided core production equipment such as combustion furnaces and deacidification furnaces, which greatly strengthened our company's core competitiveness in the field of fumed silica, providing strong support for follow-up orders of fumed silica projects.